The Future of Wires and Cables in the Automobile Industry

Wires & Cables’, one of the most crucial yet less talked about elements of the automotive industry! 

The wiring harness, one of the prominent mechanical equipment which brings together both the industries is likely to be the gamechanger amidst the increasing mass production of commercial vehicles.

Further, the expansion of technological, comfort, and convenience factors is only going to stay and grow over the next decade.

The demographics by Grand View Research, Inc., for the automotive industry highlight that the global market for wiring harnesses in automobiles, might reach USD 77.15 billion by 2025, highlighting a  6.2% CAGR during the forecast period.

However, the increased advancement in automobile manufacturing will demand improved quality of these products.

Wires from the future will have to be temperature resistant, flexible, weather-resistant, chemical & mechanical resistant, and flame retardant, among other factors.

Looking at the challenges in the face of the future, the wiring and cable industry is expected to adopt automation! The systems are expected to churn out faster, have better results, and give out a scope of dynamic development.

This way, we might expect seamless and quality output from brands of all shapes and sizes throughout the industry.

But, to add to the scope of development, there’s a factor that challenges the predicted future of wire and cable for the automation industry.

Yes, it’s the rising environmental concerns, associated with the rate of disposal and recycling of the wires and cables from used automobiles.

Interestingly, with the development and innovations around the industry, the increasing initiative around in-vehicle wiring applications, followed by government favorable initiatives for electric and hybrid cars, we can expect proper disposal, recycling of used wire harnesses over the years.

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