Significance of EV Car Chargers

It’s the era of the EV boom! Looking at the record so far, Electronic Vehicles (EV) industry is growing at an unprecedented rate of 40% year over year growth. Looking at the numbers, we’re sure that the next decade will see a major transition from fuel-powered mills to completely electric vehicles.

However, what if we told you that the increase in EVs will substantially result in a changing infrastructure of the charging stations? Yes, post-electrification, chargers are going to be the key players in the EV segment.

Besides having a dedicated charging station at every individual home, accessible charging stations will be the backbone for the industry. Readily accessible charging stations at remote areas (workplace or out stations) will be the key to supporting EV growth.

EV Car Chargers

Such “on-the-go” charge-ups are certainly one of the core elements of running and maintaining an EV. Further, such chargers and charging dockets will also be influenced by the ‘rate of refill’, similar to the chargers in electronic devices.

EV Car Chargers: A Primer

When it comes to EV chargers, they are broadly classified into different types, based on the amount of energy output they deliver to the vehicle’s battery per unit of time. Largely classified into four “levels,” the Level 4 autonomous charging tops the list.

EV Car Chargers

Here’s a look at the different levels of EV charging classification

Charge Level

Power Rating

Charging Time For 100 Miles Range


1 KW

20 hours


5 KW

4 hours


80 KW

40 mins


120 KW

25 mins

With Level 4 being the fastest of the lot, it is by far the fastest charging option available for EVs. However, adopting the Level 4 charging from the beginning can be a big problem for countries that haven’t prepared a solid EV infrastructure.

Initial Adoption Methods

The other alternative method to EV charging is the battery recharging method which is receiving global attention by many. As the name suggests, battery swapping is the process where a depleted EV battery is replaced and removed from the vehicle with a completely charged one. Rolling out as an early adoption strategy by many newcomers in the industry can be a challenging concept for the initial journey of the EV.

The Future Of EV Has Already Begun!

EV Car Chargers

EV car chargers or charging stations play a crucial role in the development and adaption to clean energy. While the steps have already been initiated, for a seamless adoption to 100% EV vehicles, deciding authorities need to have EV car chargers available as easy and convenient as refueling an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle today.

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