Case Study of Accidents Caused Due to Wrong Wiring Methods and Use of Degraded Quality of Wires in Delhi

Case Study of Accidents Caused Due to Wrong Wiring Methods and Use of Degraded Quality of Wires in Delhi

Do you know that 440 fire cases are reported annually in the capital city, Delhi? Balaji Switchgears presents you with a detailed case study of fire accidents in Delhi, which occurred due to poor wiring. 

The fire remains a major concern for this bustling city. The overcrowded amass of wires in high-traffic areas like Shahjahanabad, Lajpat Nagar, Amar Colony, Malviya Nagar, Tilak Nager, Rajinder Nagar and New Multan Nagar pose a great threat of fire accidents.

While the poor infrastructure of slums and lack of adequate fire safety measures in both commercial and residential sets remain the two key reasons for fire outbreaks, faulty electrical wiring and the use of substandard wires also drive this act. 

According to the Delhi Fire Service (DFS), 60% of fire accidents took place because of the electrical short circuit, overheating of wires, and improper electrical wiring. Throughout history, we have listed two recent fire accidents where the use of substandard wires and poor wiring took lives. 

  • In 2024, two girls were found dead in a house located at Sadar Bazaar due to a short circuit in the AC.  Similarly, a fire accident in a residential building took 6 lives because of the electrical short circuit. The use of substandard wires and improper cabling helped the fire to spread quickly and go out of control. 
  • The Chandni Chowk electrocution incident took place in August 2022 and electrocuted a young street vendor. It happened because of exposed and frayed wires running along the street, which had been subjected to wear and tear over time. With the help of proper insulation and maintenance, this incident could be easily avoided. 
  • A factory in Alipur, Delhi, was set to flames due to a short circuit and 11 people lost their lives in that fire. 
  • Five died and two were critically injured in another fire incident, took place in a 4-story residential building of Pitampura, Delhi. Investigation revealed the fire cause as short-circuit or overheating. 
  • Fire in both residential and commercial buildings remains a major concern for Delhi residents and the government. The DFS department recorded a significant growth of 12% in the fires that took place due to electrical faults in 2022. 
  • Fire accidents can be reduced to a significant number only by adopting certain best wiring practices. According to DFS, people should always: 
  • Use ISI-certified kitchen appliances, refrigerators, and other electrical products appliances.It is a mark of quality and ensures that the electrical appliances you’re using are safe to use and consume optimal energy. 
  • Install premium-grade fusses that can help you avoid short circuits. When power fluctuation is high or there are any electrical issues, this fuss cuts the main power supply, preventing massive fires.  
  • Replace broken plugs and switch gears with quality ones. Balaji Switchgears provide a wide range of low-voltage switchgear that can help you avoid incidents of short-circuit and current overload. These switchgears come with integrated low voltage power circuit breakers (LV-PCBs) units. Hence, a braking circuit in case of any electrical faulty incident becomes an easy job. 
  • Use high-quality wires and cables. At Balaji Switchgears, you can purchase wires of  Lapp and KEI brands at a cost-effective price for your residential and commercial properties. 
  • Ensure that there is optimal power supply in each circuit. When the circuit gets current more than its capacity leads to short-circuit. Industrial units should use electrical automation solution to control the current to electrical equipment and avoid short circuit. Balaji Switchgears is India’s leading electrical automation solutions that can ensure optimal power consumption and reduce risks of short-circuit. 
  • Use insulated handles for all types of electrical work. This is very crucial in commercial set-ups to avoid the any incidents of electrical shocks that can lead to death. 
  • Last but not least, always consult from professional regarding the wiring within a property. Professional electrical product suppliers like Balaji Switchgears can help you provide apt switchgear according to the power consumption and load of your property. This way, you can reduce the likelihood of fire accidents. 

In conclusion, the case studies from Delhi underscore a critical lesson: the dire consequences of using substandard wires and improper wiring methods. Balaji Switchgears advocates for stringent quality checks and adherence to safety standards to prevent such mishaps. By choosing high-quality wires and employing correct wiring practices, we can significantly reduce electrical hazards. This commitment to excellence not only safeguards infrastructure but also, more importantly, protects human lives. Let’s prioritize safety and quality in electrical installations to ensure a secure and accident-free environment.

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