Low voltage switchgear is a three-phase power distribution product. This is designed to safely, efficiently, and reliably supply electric power at voltages up to 1,000 volts and current up to 6,000 amps. 

Low voltage switchgears is often found on the secondary (low voltage) side of a power distribution transformer.

Functions of low voltage switchgear are Isolationprotection, and system modification via switching.

Its components include circuit breakerschangeover switchesfusesoverload relays, and disconnectors.

Low Voltage Switchgears

These switchgears measure, control, and regulate the electrical system in households or industrial or commercial establishments, maintain voltage current and protect the system from faults.

So The circuit protection devices distribute power to various sections of a facility and the electrical loads within those sections.

Therefore, the reliability of the low voltage system depends on the LV switchgear.

Basic functions of Low Voltage Switchgears areas –

Electrical protection againstIsolationControl
• Overload currentsIsolation clearly indicated by an authorized fail-proof mechanical indicator• Functional switching
• Short-circuit currentsA gap or interposed insulating barrier between the open contacts, clearly visible• Emergency switching
• Insulation failure • Emergency stopping
• Over-voltage protection&Under-voltage protection are provided by specific devices • Switching off for mechanical maintenance

Regular maintenance services should be scheduled to ensure reliable ongoing operation.

So The Balaji Switchgears carries out a visual inspectionAMC, retrofitting, and other commissioning support for LV Switchgear & automation components.

Low Voltage Switchgears

LV switchgears from Balaji Switchgears product range includes

Balaji Switchgears, a leading technology leader (Distributor and System Integrator Industrial Automation and Switchgear products),has collaborated with a global Switchgears brand & Manufacturers like SocomecSchneider Electric to bring world-class products to its customers across India.




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