What are the 4 Types of Electrical Panels: How to Choose the Most appropriate One for Your Home?

What are the 4 Types of Electrical Panels: How to Choose the Most Appropriate One for Your Home?

When it comes to electrical panels, there are various types available in the market. Each type serves a specific purpose and is designed for different applications. In this blog, we will explore what are the 4 main types of electrical panels.

They are known as Automatic Power Factor Control (APFC) Panel, Motor Control Centre (MCC) Panel, Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panel , and Power Control Centre (PCC) Panel. By understanding the features and applications of these panels, you can make an informed decision about which one is most suitable for your home. Let’s have a detailed look at this scenario in this blog by Balaji switchgears, a renowned name in the electrical industry with 34 years of experience in supply of low voltage switchgears & automation products of many globally leading brands.

Automatic Power Factor Control Panels (APFC):

The automatic power factor control panel, commonly known as APFC Panel, is designed to improve the power factor of electrical loads. The power factor is a measure of how effectively the electrical energy is being utilized. APFC panels help optimize the power factor by automatically monitoring and adjusting the reactive power in the system. This results in reduced energy consumption, improved system efficiency, and lower electricity bills. Schneider electric switchgears are a reliable source of high-quality APFC panels.

Motor Control Centre Panels (MCC):

Motor control centre panels, or MCC panels, are widely used in industrial and commercial settings to control and protect electric motors. These panels house various motor control devices such as starters, contactors, and overload relays. MCC panels offer centralized control and monitoring of motors, ensuring smooth operation and protection against overload, short circuits, and other electrical faults. LAPP wires and cables, known for their superior quality and reliability, are commonly used in MCC panel installations.

Automatic Mains Failure (AMF):

Automatic mains failure panels, also called AMF panels, are primarily used in backup power systems to ensure a seamless transition from the mains power supply to a standby generator during power outages. These panels monitor the mains supply and automatically start the generator when a power failure is detected. Once the mains power is restored, the AMF panel transfers the load back to the mains and shuts down the generator. AMF panels provide uninterrupted power supply and are crucial for critical applications where power continuity is vital.

Power Control Centre (PCC):

Power control centre panels, commonly referred to as PCC panels, are used to distribute and control power supply in industrial facilities. These panels house various electrical components such as circuit breakers, busbars, and transformers. PCC panels allow efficient distribution of power to different sections of the facility and provide protection against short circuits and overload conditions. They play a vital role in maintaining a safe and reliable electrical system in industrial environments.

Safety – Our top priority:

Electrical safety is of paramount importance, and it is crucial to prioritize it in any electrical installation. When it comes to ensuring electrical safety, relying on authorized distributors is a wise choice. We at Balaji switchgears as Omron authorized distributors in Delhi provide genuine electrical products that meet the highest safety standards. They offer a wide range of reliable and durable electrical components, ensuring the safety of your electrical systems. Additionally, they can provide expert guidance and support in choosing the right products for your specific requirements. By choosing Balaji Switchgears, you can enhance electrical safety and minimize the risk of accidents or malfunctions in your electrical installations.

Why You Should Choose Balaji Switchgears for Your Electrical Panel Requirements

Balaji Switchgears is a leading technology partner in India that can help you with your electrical panel needs. Key strengths of Balaji Switchgears that can help you empower your business are:

  • Quality products and services Balaji Switchgears offers a wide range of low voltage switchgears and automation products along with all linking components like cables, enclosures, panels, ducts, etc. Balaji Switchgears also provides quality installation, customer support, and green solutions.
  • Rich experience and expertise Balaji Switchgears has 34 years of rich experience in the industry and with a team of qualified and trained professionals they can handle any electrical panel project with efficiency and excellence.
  • Trusted partnerships and collaborations Balaji Switchgears partners with some of the best brands in the market, such as Schneider, Omron, Lapp, nVent Hoffman, Telemecanique Sensors, Socomec, Trinity Touch, and Connectwell. They also collaborate with various industry associations, government bodies, and educational institutions to promote and enhance the electrical industry in India.
  • Compliances & Standards You will get quality enriched products that are approved of global compliances and standards which ensures electrical safety.
  • Panel commissioning and programming You will be able to avail the service of panel commissioning and programming support from qualified electrical and software engineers of Balaji Switchgears.
  • Reduced carbon footprint You will be able to save energy and reduce carbon footprint by using the green solution approach of Balaji Switchgears.

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