Soft Starters

Soft Starters

It is a motor starter that provides a ramp-up of voltage supplied to the motor at starting with the objective of reducing the starting current and torque.

Applicable current rate: 6 A to 1200 A

Altistart 22: For pumps & fans 4kW to 400kW

Saves time on wiring (6 terminals instead of 12)

Optimizes the size of your enclosures

Keeps temperature rises to a minimum


Altistart 48: For pumps & fans 4kW to 1200kW

Protection of the machine: under load and overload with adjustable threshold and times, locked rotor, control of the direction of rotation

Simplified customization of settings using built-in display or the PowerSuite software

Control of starter bypass contactor to prevent heat dissipation


Altistart 01: For simple machines

Single-phase 110 – 230 V – 3-phase 200… 480 V 50/60 Hz – 0,37 to 15 kW*

Adjustable starting and deceleration times: 5 seconds or 10 seconds

Adjustable unjamming torque

Integrated bypass contactor

Simple dialogue by 2 LEDs

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