Power Supply (SMPS)

Power Supply (SMPS)

Power supply is an electronic module that converts power from some power source to a form which is needed by the equipment to which power is being supplied. These can be rail mounted or panel mounted. Compliant with IEC 61000-3-2 allows them to be used even on public distribution networks.

S8FS-C Range of SMPS:

Designed to Withstand Abnormal Input Voltages Up to 300 VAC*1

Improved Resistance to Noise of Several Tens of kHz from Inverters

Lightening Surge Resistance of 1.5 Times*1 the Standard Value

Design with details in mind provides stable quality and reliability

S8VK-C Range of SMPS:

Resistant in tough environments

Easy and fast installation

The most compact class on the market

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